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The ISEB offers bachelor/master- as well as seminar-projects which can be organized primary intern or accomplished in cooperation with industrial partners. A selected list of successfully finished projects can be found in the following. Additionally, the ISEB supports the placement of students in internships at several ISEB partners.


  • Technical privacy – usage potentials for the internet
  • Planning and analysis of an IT security concept for banks
  • Implementation of information security in enterprises
  • Measures to ensure information security in enterprises
  • Implementation of integrated information security in enterprises
  • IT security as active part of a global aligned corporate management
  • Trust in the principal-agent theory - a critical analysis
  • Critical analysis of the security of payment systems for the online shopping
  • The importance of privacy policy for e-business - an institutional economic analysis
  • The importance and function of trustmarks for the e-business - a institutional economic analysis
  • Innovative business models for mobile business - an analysis with special attention to IT security
  • Risk management strategies to cope with uncertainty in internet trading
  • Marketing of IT security services - a critical analysis
  • IT security as an operational risk in the banking industry


  • Process for implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in an enterprise
  • Potentials and limitations of the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in enterprises
  • Presentation of the analytical system component of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Presentation and critical assessment of CRM from the perspective of information management
  • The issue of data protection within CRM applications
  • The "new privacy" - requirements for a modernization of the German data protection law
  • Privacy-friendly technologies - presentation of concepts and critical assessment
  • Security and privacy risks of the private use of the internet at the examples of, and
  • Online shopping vs. postal shopping - a comparison of the forms of trading with special attention to IT security
  • The importance of privacy policies for e-commerce
  • Payment systems on the internet
  • Legal aspects of trustmarks in e-commerce
  • E-commerce and the use of trustmarks in Spain
  • Business models of trustmark assigning institutions in the e-commerce - a critical analysis
  • Legal aspects of trustmarks in e-commerce
  • Trustmarks as a trust generating measure for online shopping
  • Measures for the design of security of information systems
  • The concept of multilateral security - presentation and critical assessment
  • Chances and risks of the Trusted Computing concept
  • Potentials of Trusted Computing for online auctions exemplified at the example of e-bay
  • Potentials of Trusted Computing for Corporate Identity Management
  • Potentials of Trusted Computing for Mobile Commerce at the example of games, music and ringtone providers
  • Security of E-Government
  • RFID - potetials of the Radio Frequency Identification-Technology